People walking all over me

Samantha • Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.
I feel as though something is wrong between me and my boyfriendat the moment. I could be completely wrong and just feeling this way because a friend has treated me like crap recently and I've tried sorting things with my dad and that hasn't worked out either but it's just he's deleted photos of us both on his phone and said to me it's to save space on his phone but when I confronted him, he lied to me because he said he doesn't even know why he got rid of them, he just said there on Instagram and I said so your letting Instagram take over. Also there is a newish estate about 10 mins from where he lives and I said there's nice houses up there as my mum has enquirered a while back and he said I know I went up there a while ago and I said why would you do that and he said see what was up there and he isn't the type to do this and it's dawned on me that he never goes out of town that way ever so he either did a detour just to go up there or just thought why don't I go and see what up that estate which he wouldn't really do either so I don't know what to make of this. He is ignoring me quite a bit lately when I try and talk to him, he just lives in his own world so when I talk to him he just ignores what I said and goes to say what he wants to talk about or just won't answer at all as if he isn't interested what I'm talking about. Even with his phone I was messing with him the other day and looked on his phone (he knew) and he was so paranoid and was like what are you looking at and I said nothing and he kept asking what I was looking at. I was trying to sign him out of psn as i was bored and was trying to joke around with him. I just feel like everyone is treating me like crap at the moment and my boyfriend is the only person I can ever rely on to make me feel better but even he's acting weird and I don't know if it's just me or there is more to it. He said the other day I mean the world to him. I need to talk to him about it but i don't know what to say because when I last said something he just said I over reacted :( and i don't want to make a deal of something when it's nothing :(