Getting so close, but I feel so unprepared!

So, I'm 32 weeks, and am definitely nesting. I have already packed and unpacked my hospital bag like a dozen times. I'm cleaning constantly. Organizing the entire house, and trying to prepare as best I can. However, I have a couple worries. 
1) the nursery. We have a crib and changing table, along with the bedding... But that's it. My mother in law has mentioned a few times buying a chest of drawers for the nursery at the furniture store she works at. She also loves to decorate, so she made a list of stuff that she was going to buy and help decorate with. However, she hasn't ordered the chest of drawers or any of the stuff that she said she would. I'm so ready for the nursery to be decorated, because I feel like that is weighing on me.. I know it'll take time, so I don't want to wait until the last minute. 
2) I have bought a couple of outfits and diapers and wipes. But other than that, I don't have anything! I'm freaking out lol.. People have told me not to buy anything because we'll get plenty of clothes and other things we need at my showers. I'm having one tomorrow and one in a couple weeks. I'm just worried. Like what if not many people come, or I don't end up with enough items? 
I sound bratty, I know. But it's the little things stressing me out!