Help haha

Hiya, so- I've always been super super paranoid about becoming pregnant. In October my boyfriend and I became sexually active, we had a few accidents where there wasn't a condom (but he didn't come inside of me) and then the next time he used the pull out method (worried for ages I could have got pregnant from Precum)- anyway, I got my period as normal (thank god). The next month I got my period as normal. Anyway in December (we'd been using condoms up till this point) my period came almost a week late, took three negative pregnancy tests, one of those tests I took and my period came right as I was taking it, late period was put down to stress. I started then taking the combined pill on the first day and we've been using condoms, I also got my withdrawal bleed in my first 7 day break but I can't sort worrying about being pregnant!!! I'm so bloated and I keep thinking it's because I'm pregnant and don't know or pregnant on the pill or, can someone just put my mind at ease I can't stop worrying about it.