For PCOS ladies ... needing advice


I'm looking for some insight on what lab values will indicate PCOS. I had my LH, FSH, and DHEAS drawn. Still waiting on testosterone results. All my results fall in the wide ranges of 'normal' but I've read that the ratios and which end of normal can indicate more defined answers. I know it's hard to know for sure but here are my lab values if it helps at all.

FSH: 6.1

LH: 14.8

DHEAS: 239.9

Any other info appreciated :) I do have a long history of multiple ovarian cysts, adult acne, yet fairly regular periods 28-35 days. Emotionally my hormones are out of whack on my analysis but I don't know if that contributes. I've had difficulty conceiving my first 2 kids, over a year each. We had a miscarriage in between those two. TTC our 3rd x 10 months now but never got the possibility of PCOS mentioned before.