Bedrest while on labor but it was worth it

I was due for induction on 1/27 in the morning but I started going to labor the night of 1/26. I went to the hospital cause I thought I was leaking and found out I was 3cm dilated and in labor, I told them il go home & just wait it out but they wanna monitor me for the next hour before they could clear me to go home. This is my first baby so I know how it usually takes longer for FTM to deliver. I hate staying in the hospital so I was just really eager to go home. But after an hour they told me they had to monitor my baby again and this time he'll be on sonogram for 25mins. Apparently he was on deep sleep and wasn't perking up. After the test was done, I got admitted cause my baby wasn't moving even when they were trying to. Heart  rate was present but was just in a stagnant range. I was hooked on with different cables and IV's. I asked if I could move around and walk to ease the pain & help with the dilation but I wasn't allowed to, except if I had to use the restroom. They said it might aggravate the baby. So for 12hrs I was laying in bed while having 1-3min painful contractions  which constantly lasted for 30-50seconds each. It was the worst pain I could ever possible imagine, I thought I was dying. When my bag finally broke I was already 8cm dilated and that's when we tried starting to push. I pushed for 1hr and 50mins! But when he finally came out & I saw him, every ache in my body went away. Tears filled my eyes as they placed him on my chest. I was so happy to have finally met the lil man inside my tummy. Pregnancy surely is one of the best moments of every mother's life! We were able to come home the next day. And so far everything's going well with us.