Sex sex sex period?

What happens if you have sex and you've been trying with your husband to get pregnant so he finishes inside of you, but what if the couple of times he finished inside was a day or two before your period. Would you still have your period? Or would you be late. 
My husband finished inside of me four times two days before my period, and today, while we were having sex, we noticed I was more wet then usual, and when he cleaned up, he said it was blood so we thought it was my period. But it was off because my period on the first day is usually REALLY heavy. And it was so so light. But then we had sex a couple more times, and every single time we'd finish, it would look pink, like implantation bleeding. It even got in my underwear and shorts, it is obviously not blood and it doesn't even smell like a period. It looks just like implantation bleeding. But a couple hours later after I dropped him off at ait (he's in the military and had a family pass), I went to the bathroom and there was the red/pink blood/liquid again?  What do I do