3 losses, all different.

Christine • Rainbow baby boy born January 2017 🌈 after a missed miscarriage Dec`14, molar pregnancy Apr`15 and blighted ovum Feb'16
My first pregnancy was october 2014. At 8 weeks we found out baby had stopped growing at 6w4d and there was no heartbeat. Probably some chromosomal defect, my dr said, plain bad luck. I decided to wait to miscarry naturally, it happened about a week and a half later. 
I waited 3 cycles as per dr's orders to TTC again. Then on april 2015 i was diagnosed with a molar pregnancy. It's pretty rare, so i'm astonished at my "bad luck". I had a d&c and had my hcg monitored for 6 months before getting the all clear to try again. Finally got cleared on october 2015 but i had such bad anxiety, i wouldnt even get close to my husband. 
Come december 2015 i decided to let go of my fears and try again. Well now I'm 9 weeks according to my lmp and my sac is empty, i've been diagnosed with a blighted ovum. I'm getting a d+c on monday. 
Has anyone been through a nightmare like this? What the hell is wrong with me? We'll be doing lots of tests i guess, but i'm just mad. I can't believe i'm having to endure so much.