This suuuuuucks so much

My boyfriend and I live in a college town. 60% of students go out to the bars and get wasted on weekends. Its a pretty well known party town! I'm 21 and I used to go out sometimes but I don't like to drink anymore. My boyfriend is 27 and he graduated last May. He's very social and likes to go out to the bars with his buddies sometime. makes me extremely uncomfortable when he says he wants to go out to the bars downtown because all people do out there is drink and pick up girls who are barely wearing anything. I can't stand to think he's checking out girls or getting drunk with a bunch of hot girls around. My stomach drops every time he mentions going out.

This has been an issue and it has caused a lot of fights between us. I know he needs time with his buddies!! I apologized many times for being a brat about it. I just can't stand when he goes out and parties!! He claims he doesn't and is too old for that but apparently not.. Why can't he just go to a nice chill place and have a drink with his friends that isn't a party scene??

He claims I'm clingy. He can hang out with his friends every day for all I care, just not at the bars downtown :(

I hate being insecure and silly about this i just can't get over it!!