So I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 months I'm 15 he's 17 we were laying in bed yesterday, talking about exs and who we had spoke to before, well when we first started talking he asked me if I was on tinder I said yes as I was, I asked him the same thing but he said no. So I was like oh okay then, as he told me that I had added him on snapchat one day and he had popped up. But yesterday he came out with the truth, he was with his mates one day they all downloaded tinder as a joke but he said he saw me and was like wow so he added me on snapchat and we started talking and deleted tinder straight away, 4 months of on and off talking we were both crazy about each other but when I told him I wanted to be with him he would keep pushing me away then finally we set a date to meet considering we live 5 minutes away from each other is so weird. The night before we met he told me all the feelings he's always had for me. That day he asked me out I was so over the moon. However today he says too me you know it wasn't you who added me on snapchat I added you. So I was like where did you get my snapchat he told me tinder, so now this is really embarassing that I'm in a relationship created from tinder, not that it bothers me as he is so amazing and I'm having the time of my life. What do you think about this? Also what do I tell my mum she thinks I already knew himšŸ˜