Time is going by so slow.

I've known I was pregnant for a whole 3 weeks now... I still have to wait another 2 weeks to see a doctor. I hate NYC clinics. Everything is always so overcrowded it's unbelievable. 3 weeks ago, the pregnancy confirmation at the doctor's office took 3 hours!!! 3 whole hours to pee in a cup and have them tell me I was pregnant as if I didn't already know and give me an appointment for 5 weeks later. I'm being considered high risk, so I'm not sure why I would have to wait until I'm 10-12 weeks along to see a doctor for the first time. I'm totally considering going to an ER just to check in and make sure everything is ok. I'm so close to finding an out of state doctor or at least a doctor outside of the city that doesn't already see 8281628292917 patients because it's beyond annoying having a 9am and being seen at 12:45 on a consistent basis.