Line eyes

Cheryl • Ttc in Late 30s
So I'm officially 2 days late so not exactly a week or anything but my cycles range from 32-40 days .. 42 being the absolute longest when I was a week and a half late from my "norm" . Been having incredibly sore boobs an nipples especially . Can't even smell eggs . Mild headaches . But I figure my mind may be playing tricks wth me . Been TTC #1 with hubby for 2 years had a Mc last year . Thought I was out because I kept getting BFN and I'm impatient but I'm in Orlando at universal for the weekend so I bought the dollar store brand test to take every morning to see if I see anything . So hard to not ride the rides BUT wouldn't take the chance in case .. I think I have line eyes and I'll wait a week before taking a digital or ept . But maybe a poss vvvvvfl ??