Weird dreams

Jeanette • Married the love of my life 4/18/15 & got BFP 4 days after missed period mid morning 10/7/15 expecting 2nd child❤️👶🏻🎀
Hey ladies...has anyone else been having weird baby dreams? I woke up from mine thinking WTF LOL
...I dram baby was moving a lot and my hubby was finally able to see her make my belly move then she cried in my belly and we heard her.
...After that my hubby was able to grab my belly and pull her away as to carry her & my belly was allowing it making it look like silly putty but I freaked out and was like wait she might detach from me so put her back..& he did.
...then I was able to take her out through my V & carry her and talk to her (I'm 21.5 weeks) & after a bit I was able to put her back up there.
...then...sometime later I took her out again and had her out a bit longer and saw she had a clamp on belly button so my hubby and I were like ok it's early but she's here & she was doing fine in my arms but after a while I started thinking about what complications a baby born at 21 weeks wld have so I told my husband that I felt we should take her to the hospital to get looked at even though she was doing soo good b/c if she were to stop breathing later I wouldn't know what to do & at least at hospital they cld clear her to go hm so we would have peace of mind.
...days passed and I hadn't been allowed up to see her so I went and told admissions office what had happened about me giving birth at hm & bringing her in to get checked out & that my placenta was still inside & hadn't been delivered so after a while I was admitted & got to see my baby...a nurse even showed me a pic of her super tiny wearing a weird little costume.
....the weirdest part was actually that my sis took pics of my hubby and I with her while she was with us and when I was holding her she turned into a baby kitten from a baby & we went w it...when my hubby held her for pic she was then a very fuzzy puppy...when nurse showed me pic of her I was glad it was a baby and not a kitten or puppy
When I woke up this morning I touched my belly to see if baby girl was still in there & was like WTF LOL