7 days late spotted about 4 days ago now nothing!?

Ok so now I'm about 7 days late I guess, last month I got my period on the 24th which also came late but this time I think it was 4 days ago I thought my period was going to start when I went to wipe I saw pinkish discharge it was light, I'm like ok my period is starting great I'm not pregnant but then I took out my tampon and it was brownish I was like what the heck this never ever happened to me and usually it gets heavy after but it didn't it went back to clear discharge and then saw a light pinkish again and since then I see nothing it's clear like this never happened and I don't think it's due to implantation so I'm wondering if someone ever had this and later found out they are pregnant ? Too munch info sorry! Might get a pregnancy test later today. And I haven't done anything different my weight is the same.