Taking Care of Family Members

Not sure where to post this...

Is there anyone out there who has family members they know will be their responsibility to take care of someday? Has that affected your choice to have children or how many children you have?

I know that my SIL will be our responsibility when my in-laws are no longer able to care for her. She is and will probably always mentally be about 10 yrs. That means a bigger house with an extra bedroom, bathroom, and possibly a kitchenette for her.

My brother is on the Aspergers side of the Autism spectrum and will probably also need help as he gets older, though not as much as my SIL.

My mother also thinks she is developing early onset Alzheimer's.

I guess I'm just very very scared that if we have (or adopt) a couple of kids, we won't have any money to provide for our family in need, especially if our children have special or medical needs.

Please no rude comments, I'm just very afraid of not being able to have the family we've always wanted.