This so depressing for ️mee. I want to know this

This so depressing for ️mee and my husband  . I was pregnant  4 weeks but today morning I bleeding start   With clotting.    This is miscarieg  this is my third miscarieg. 😭 I am concived  three time    They were no long  .....  Forth  or fith week  start my bleeding start too and all thing is pass throughout  in  uterus ... Same this heppining  all today and  before two pregnancy I
At this my take ️my three ulterasound  in three weeks  nothing in uterus but ovary lining is thick  ...
At this  I am think that  I am conciveing but my concived egg is not come in uterus ....when usually egg come in uterus for implantation  but I my case  they destroyed in ovary and lining are broke  
Pllllzzzz pllllzzz  give ️mee advise same thing happen with any one ...? Plzz 😔
Sorry my english is not good ..