Mother daughter, please not me...

The generations of woman have changed. drastically. It goes from my great grand selfish b** who hated every one and kicked us out on a daily basis when we tried to be with her or help her. To my grandma who hates everyone, everything, and is the grumpy cat of grandmothers. She would rather watch you burn and munch on popcorn than be happy when you succeed. Then there's my mom who is trying her best to cater and please her mom ^^ my Grama, and killing herself over it.
Literally, I've never seen my mom so defeated before. 
And then there's me. The idgaf, be nice or get out! There really is never a need to be that miserable And I will tell you to your face I don't care who you are, person.
Another thing: I just got a new job, payed more, and bought a house with my SO. Never. Ever. Not once did I get a congrats from her. I had a miscarriage and oh my goodness I've never seen the woman smile so much!!!
I don't want this to continue. I don't want to have a daughter and have her feel that way about me, or my mom, or if my Grama is still around... Anyone else feel like that?!