When is it safe to have sex!?

Taylor • The point of my life is to point to His
Okay so I am a virgin! Me and my fiancé are both waiting until marriage for that (8 months to go woo!) ! I started birth control (the patch you take it off every Sunday and put a new one on) just so I would be regulated before we get married and I am absolutely clueless to sex to be honest! That's going to be interesting for both of us, but even talking to my gynecologist I seem to still not understand when is it safe to have sex and not get pregnant! We both want to enjoy our selfs since we've waited this long until we have a kid. 
But I don't know when does your fertile window open! I usually am off my period 3 weeks and start Wednesday the 4th week. 
I just don't want to get pregnant on the honeymoon if we don't use protection!! :) 
Anyone have their so or husband that started off clueless who can help!? (Isn't he adorable :)