He has no romantic feelings for me?

Emi • Instagram: heartsfit
Over the past four years I've been seeing this guy on and off when we first met we had an amazing summer together we spent every day holding hands and kissing and being together, then he rejected me because he didn't want to be a shit boyfriend because he was starting university. I understood and I didn't push him to do romantic things of me because I understood as just friends.
He is now recently ended things with me because he feels like he's led me on and doesn't want to hurt me anymore, he said he doesn't have romantic feelings and that we didn't connect on a romantic level.
He said he tried a few times throughout the four years but he never connected.
In my head I got confused because within the past four years I hadn't tried to be romantic with him because I knew I was rejected the first time and I didn't want to push him because he was in university and he didn't want to be in a relationship. 
For the past four months I've decided to open up to him a little more and do things together that are romantic and it's been a really good time for him and me. So I finally thought to myself he graduates university this year so maybe we can actually give it a try we can give us a try and see if we like each other that way, romantically.
But yesterday he came over in his car and said it'll only take 10 minutes.
In that 10 minutes he broke my heart.
He said there was nothing then I could do to change it it was just how he felt, and I explained to him that for the past four years I haven't been trying romantically because I didn't want to get rejected again from being romantic I didn't want to push him into being in a relationship if he couldn't.
It feels as if he didn't even give us a chance, because his idea of trying was seeing me once a month and hooking up.
For four years.
What would you do and how would you react to the situation?
I do believe if I knew he was trying to possibly have a relationship with me I would've acted the way I wanted to I wouldn't of held back, I would've held his hand when I Chose I would've kissed him when I wanted to I would've called when I needed him.
And we would've seen each other more.
It makes me feel like this whole ending is because of a misunderstanding of communication.
Please I need opinions on this, the good and the bad.