What are you girls doing to stay in shape?


I'm 14+2 and I'm up 4 pounds as of yesterday from the day we found out we were pregnant. So I'm still within the recommended weight gain. But, I can definitely tell that I am losing muscle mass and gaining fat instead! I worked my ass off (literally haha) to lose 35 pounds prior to our wedding (september) and stopped dieting the month before and ended up gaining 5 pounds by the time we got pregnant and found out late november. So I'm technically up 10 pounds and it is driving me insane!!

I'm really looking for ways to stay healthy and fit through this pregnancy. Up until this point I have not been able to eat much that was healthy because carbs were the only thing I could hold down regularly!

Plus, I am only 4'10 and since I dieted for so long on eating 1200 calories I am not sure if I should eat my maintenance calories of 1600 plus 200 (for the 2nd trimester) or if I should just eat 1400? I usually gain very quickly on maintenance calories and am hoping to avoid that!