Please read and try and help me.

So last Wednesday I had some bleeding for roughly 2 1/2 days off and on and I have also had some very positive pregnancy signs which include
- full and heavy boobs
- very sensitive boobs
- veins in my boobs
- my nipples are getting more pink and they look like they are burised on the out bit
- cramps in stomach and lower back
- smelling things that have put me off certain things
- a little bit more gassy and stomach making noises
- peeing a lot more 
- having light headed moments
- really really tired 
- having strange tastes in my mouth
- horrible mood swings, which including crying for no reason what so ever 
- not be able to get comfy on a night 
- I also have a bloated tummy but I weighted myself and in the past few weeks I've lost weight.
My body is being very confusing and it's so upsetting because I don't know how to place myself I also took a test today..negative. I think I'm more upset at the fact I don't know what is wrong with me or what is causing me to feel like this. could I be pregnant? Is it all in my head and I'm overthinking and then getting disappointed when it's a negative? Because I honestly don't know, if somebody could give me some adivce or guidance that would be great 💖