Thoughts from the OB/GYN

Jessie • TTC #1 since 9/2015.
I am 32, DH 35, we've been TTC for 6 months. I went to the doc yesterday to get some advice or see if there was something we could be doing differently. Since neither of us has any significant health conditions and we are both of a normal weight, he basically said that these things take time. I am currently using OPK every month, tracking BBT, and CM like a crazy person. The MD said I could keep doing all of that if it was useful for me but that he doesn't think it necessarily increases changes of conception. His advice was to relax and have lots of sex but without the pressure. So, if we don't conceive this month (currently in my fertile window), then Im taking a month or two off of all the tracking, etc. Maybe bring some of the fun back to the BD! Baby dust to all.