Not trying to be bitter its just not fair!

Vivian • God knows best
I hate to sound bitter but I think it's so unfair how the bad mothers who don't take care of their children or their bodies they put toxic and all other drugs in their bodies and they can get pregnant so easily.But with us who wants our kids and we will know we will be pretty good mothers it becomes a challenge for us it's just not fair we have to lose a certain weight eat a certain food exercise this way and that way drink this type of tea go the extra mile to conceive our child but there are so many other women who I wouldn't even call them mothers become pregnant so easily. I say this because I've been trying for quite some time now and I'm sure a lot of other women have tried longer than I have. We get depressed and very sad & sometimes we want to give up because we know we would be really good mothers it's just not fair have anyone else ever felt this way I know it's bittersweet and I'm not a negative person but I've just been feeling this way for quite some time now since I started this TTC journey let me know how you guys feel about it or maybe I am just being negative😢