My boyfriend and I have been together almost 4 years now and things were great to begin with.we made a huge move and it too an emotional toll on me. While recovering he was diagnosed with stage two cancer. We tackled that together two years ago and he's now in remission. Last year he had two spinal surgeries for a herniated disk two months apart from each other. I've been the supportive backbone for him this whole time. Now we are pregnant with our first and I'm seriously doubting our relationship. He wants to propose but knows I will always say no unless he quits smoking. I've been feeling very guilty about being pregnant out of wedlock, but I know it's mainly on me that I'm in this situation- it's hard accepting that I'm just another knocked up case. He recently started Turing back to alcohol when things get rough and I've had enough. He's a great guy, wonderful boyfriend, and will be an amazing dad, but I don't think I can handle to smoking and new drinking onset anymore. Please help, any suggestions?