I need advice please

Breann • ttc after the loss of my son Jordan deSouza 🙏🏽👼🏽 ❤️
Im pregnant with my first & i've been with my baby father from i was 15 i am now 20  he is my first love , he took my v , we recently broke up & when I found out i was pregnant we wasn't together, I went to do my first ultrasound today and i send him the pictures and all he said was " cool " , at night he talks to me like he wants to get together & work things but during the day he ignores me all day & today i asked him will we be trying to work it out because i love him & he told me " stop acting like were dating because were not " i feel so stupid now im pregnant and alone & i cry myself to sleep everynight 💔 i just dont know what to do anymore.