Pregnant after SIDS

Marie • My fiance and I are expecting baby #2 our firstborn daughter passed away of SIDS last year so we are very excited and scared for this surprise pregnancy but we already love baby #2 too! R.I.P. Lily
Hi there! Im 13 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. My firstborn daughter died at 2 months old of SIDS Jan 21st of last year. Very scared of how i am going to handle the stress of worrying after my baby died for no reason right next to me, even though i know she didnt suffer or suffocate and i always laid her properly i always wonder if it was something i did like maybe i didnt burp her enough or maybe i fed her the wrong formula. Anyway im very excited for my new baby but also very scared and nervous. Anybody out there similar experience? Anyway, heres a pic of Lily RIP and an ultrasound of baby Jack or Shye thats due Aug 17th