Missed period for a month +

Reanna • A lil bit of crick, a Lil bit of craic and a whole lot of Re!

So sad.

My pcos regulated when I went on the implant. About 2+ years into it, I started getting black periods. I took it out in September. Since then I saw regular periods. All falling between the 25-29 of each month.

I am TTC #1. I haven't seen my period since December and am 44 days into a cycle.

I took 4 pregnancy tests in the past 3 weeks, all negative, even one at a clinic.

I was sent home yesterday sick because nausea had me good. Real good. So good that I was crying and crossed eyed from being so dizzy.

Another test this morn confirmed neg.

The doc at the clinic said maybe my pcos is back to its old ways.

I'm so down about this. My body is giving me false hope that I'm conceiving when in fact I'm not.

Anyone had something like this?