My labor story

My labor story. 
I can finally tell! 
I've read so many stories on here, so many of them were encouraging. I hope mine can be too. 
Throughout my whole pregnancy I had planned a non medicated vaginal birth at a hospital. I read books, took classes. I had a lot of pressure on myself. I didn't take any pain meds and I prepared my pain tolerance and expected the worst. Well!  At midnight I began having contractions during sleep. From 130 until 4 am I had them frequently every 15-8 mins. I let my husband sleep during this time. I am a night nurse so I'm used to being awake during those hours. So it was bad but I still expected 100x worst so I braced myself mentally. Around 630 am we decide it's real labor and we go for a walk around the block. I was stopping so many times. I was embarrassed bcuz it was morning rush hour and all the cars on the main rode seemed to be witnessing my exaggerated stops. I held on to my husband and we swayed. After getting home, my mom (mother of 7) came and was like "you need to go to the hospital". I kept refusing because I wanted  to labor at home for as long as I can to increase chance of non medicated birth . It hurt soooo bad but in between contractions I could laugh and talk. My mom persuaded me and at 1130 am we left. We checked in..I thought the nurse was going to say I was 2cm -expecting worst but..I was hoping no less than 4 dilated or I was going to be mad I came so early. 
The nurse checked and I was 6CM !!!! 
I was roomed and I gave them my birth plan. They respected it and tried to go by it as much as they could. 
They helped me labor and we set a 3 hour later check time to see my progress. So they allows me to labor without checking me or really bothering me. 
They squeezed my back, put music on, they said good words. I had my husband and mom there. I went into the shower. This really helped. I couldve stay there forever! After 3-4 hrs. I was 9cm but my water hadn't broken. I waited another good while and still nothing. So we decided to allow them to break my bag even though I was against that in my birth plan. That was a stressful moment because I couldn't decide. My mom said no. My husband said yes. The midwives advised too but said its my decision. Omg! Contractions were awful. They said once the bag is broken, the contractions would hurt more. I mean who would want to say yes?? It was unbearable. But I kept saying in my mind, there is no other way. (Epidural wasn't a option-I acted like it was NONexistent). But I agreed after speaking privately with my husband. after the water broke, I had like 4 UNBEARABLE LONG CONTRACTIONS, I began to feel some urge to push. I turned around because I was in a learning over the head of the bed position and I began to push. I was exhausted. I was crying I couldn't do it. I really didn't think I could. I was thinking in my head" girl you labored and then u gonna get a c section because this pushing just doesn't seem possible." But I tried. The first attempts were bad. I screamed. Letting the pressure out of my lungs instead of letting it out through my bottom. It took me a few tries (contractions -3pushes a contraction) to get the hang of it. I felt sleepy. I had my eyes closed. The nurses said if I pushed more accurately then it would be more effective and baby will come. So I listened. I wanted to end it. I had to listen to exactly what they said. Curve over your tummy, put your arms under your thighs, elbows out, bear down like you're going to pass stool, fill your lungs in between, don't scream that energy and strength out, push it out. The bag was crowing, I heard everyone yelling it's almost there, I felt the ring of fire but it honestly was very short duration of that , and then I felt a relief -baby came. I believe (30 mins of pushing, I think like 7 contraction rounds) We didn't know the gender of the baby. So all dazed out I heard my husband say it's a boy . I was so dazed out I said Huh huh a what? (Like I miles away lol) 
A boy! :) 7 lb 1 oz 19 in. Beautiful. I cried. I thanked God the Creator of all that exist. I cried. I thanked the staff. I cried. I held baby after 17 hours and 20 mins of labor. I had baby at 5 pm 
I'm exhausted, I'm recovering now. 
My number one advise for those who want to labor unmedicated is to stay home, be patient in the early hours, moan and breath, (just think you gotta oxygenate baby), try to erase the idea of medications as a option), have someone squeeze the heck out of your hips and back during contractions, sway, change positions and if u find a good one just stay for awhile, and last but not least have good support. Try to find a nurse that's comfortable with NM birth ..ask when you check in if they feel comfortable with a non medicated birth also ask your family not to encourage it though u look in pain, their encouragement helps you when you don't believe in yourself.