This article explains it all, I know it's long! And my explanation of posting it, is long too! But it helped me so much, I couldn't help but post it. Normally I would never go into details like this... But the article says it all! There isn't enough women talking about what happens when you have a miscarriage and how to cope. 
Just to put things into perspective with our road map, Jascha and I have been engaged for 1 year and 5 months. We had planned to get married this May, May 21,2016. We were so excited to get married and experience the rest of our lives together. But before we got to the wedding, we ended up getting pregnant! We were over the moon, and we were just so excited. At this point we put the wedding on hold... we never had our baby or babies. It's been about 10 months since Jascha and I lost our first baby, and about 8 since we lost our second baby. It was an incredibly hard time for us. We were angry! We were upset! Why us?? It was just so hard! MANY of my friends got pregnant, all around the same time as us. I was so happy for all of them, but it was so hard. Month by month as each of our friends had baby announcements, gender revels, baby showers, and then on to deliver their sweet little babies. Jascha and I just wanted to have our babies... We were faced with it all... as a team though. We stuck together! With not only each other, but the support of our parents and close friends, we made it through it all!!!  While our house literally fell apart, while I was attending school, and working Jascha working as well! We just tried to stay busy!! Later I was diagnosed with PCOS, that is when your hormones are imbalanced causing a few different problems. That then lead to a lot of blood work, taking different medications to get myself back in sync month to month. It was really hard, gaining weight, and just facing everyday life knowing what PCOS meant for our future. It almost made me feel like less of a woman. It was so hard, if I saw baby clothes, I would just burst into tears in the middle of target.... Even when I accidentally walked down the diaper isle! It was, and still is very hard for me. Having a miscarriage and even having two miscarriages is very hard. And I thought keeping everything quiet would make things better, but it doesn't.
We decided we would keep it to ourselves, after all who wants to explain that shortly after finding out you were FINALLY having your first child. You would only learn you were loosing your first child and there was nothing you could do about it, and then again for your second. We decided for the time being, it would be best to keep things to ourselves, for my sanity at least. But it didn't help! Talking to people about what happens when you have a miscarriage is hard, but in the end you never know what that conversation might do for someone else! We should not feel alone in times like that. And thanks to a lot of glow women, I wasn't! So I wanted to share this story my mom clipped for us in the news paper, because it was so true. It helped me in so many ways to know, that I am normal !!!! Jascha and I are hoping the month of March is our month, as we take the steps to getting clomid and hoping that will help us conceive our rainbow baby. 
Anyone who has suffered from a miscarriage, or suffered from PCOS, I'm with you! And I'm here to talk if anyone ever needs!