Endeometrisis questions ???? Please help me !

So I'm ttc for our second baby we've been ttc 9 months now ! I have seen a doctor and test and they think I have endo probally where my emergancy csection scar is. So my I had a camra in my womb to remove polyps they wernt there and everything was healthy so the doctor said wait to have the laparoscopicpy untill after we are noo her ttc (presuming I get pregnate and have a baby) unless I Carnt cope with the pain no more. So last two periods were completely bareable I carried on with my life as normal next to no pain. I began to think maybe the pill that didn't agree with me Cus no co reception does and my body's going back to normal. I have just gotten my period and it's horrendous again. I couldn't even bath my two year old yesterday and in loads of pain and lots of bleeding again. Can anybody advice me please should I deal with this untill we have been ttc 18 months or should I get it done even tho the doctor thinks it will slow down ttc and I shouldn't have a problem. I'm really lost ! ( Sat on the sette in a ball on a blanket incase I bleed thu 😭 with my little girl. I feel like a crappy mom when I get so poorly )