Not enough time.

Goiy • Baby number 2 (this is pregnancy number 5) is on their way!

Hey all you mommies! I'm due to deliver my 1st this coming Tuesday (2/16), working up until baby decides to make their arrival, and can only afford to take 2 weeks off after delivery =/

My midwife kind of worried me yesterday. She commented on how it will be physically impossible for me to breastfeed if I go back to work that soon. I'm a server in a busy restaurant, so I fully anticipated pumping at work being a bit of a pain, but not impossible.

She made it seem like I won't be giving my body enough time to establish a supply/regular schedule, making supplementation with formula necessary because I simply will never produce enough. Being able to successfully breastfeed was a huge goal of mine, so this is really discouraging to hear...

So here's my question. Have any of you ladies had to go back to work sooner than recommended and still been able to pump enough for your baby?

Obviously I will supplement with formula if my baby is hungry, and I have nothing against those who choose to formula feed. A fed baby is a happy baby =] I'm just curious to hear if anyone has been through something similar. Thanks!