Finally !

I took a test today it came back to be positive but vvvfl . I'll test again in a few days . Started off with a missed period , I usually have a 28-29 cycle I'm
Now on day 41 which is way off . My symptoms were sore nipples that's how I knew , little bit of morning sickness , lots of constipation frequent urniation , slight cramping , and pressure on my left side . Those were a few of my symptoms . Prior to that I took 4 tests they were negative . As I took this test I had on the bathroom sink so I saw the negative sign I'm like ok that's it lol than I saw a vvfl appear I was like wow . So according to this app I'm 5 weeks but I don't think I'm that far for some reason anywho I knew for a fact there was something growing inside of me .. I just listed a few things I know a lot of women asks questions and wants to know certain things so I listed as much as I could 😬. I'm praying for a healthy 9 months and praying for you ladies as well . Baby dust to all !!! O here's my test