Period lol

My son he is 4 saw me changing my tampon, and he said "what is that and why is it covered in blood?" And I was standing there staring like "what do I tell a 4 yr old?!" And then he gets all concerned and was like "mamma are you bleeding? You okay?" So I told him I was okay, and that I am bleeding because there is no baby in my belly. Then he got all upset it looked like he was actually going to cry and he goes "but I want a baby." It was so sweet, he does not know his daddy and I are trying to have a baby, he has a baby cousin, and another baby cousin on the way, since baby cousin who is only 7or 8 weeks was born he has been asking me for a baby. I did ask him what he wanted he said "a boy baby and two girl babies" so I guess when we get pregnant we are having triplets lol. I just thought it was sweet that he wants a baby.