Not sure how to take all this.

I've been with this guy for a good 9 months. He seemed so perfect in my eyes when I first met him. He's 11 years older than me and I feel like he's taking that a little to far now with the age difference. I care a whole lot about this guy. But a month after we started dating he started hitting me. Not all the time just when I "think I can talk like that" or "not know my place" . In his eyes he's the king and he deserves everything and anything he wants. I agree with that in a way. But sometimes instead of having sex I just wanna lay down with him and just cuddle and listen to music or watch tv. He's leaving marks all over me. He slapped me 6 times tonight. Tonight we also had sex.. And he always takes control, witch I do not mind.. But when I say stop its hurts, don't you think he should stop? He made my
Vagina bleed really bad tonight... Because he was well you know, fingering me really really hard. And I kept telling him to stop and kept trying to push his hand away and get his fingers out of me but then he would either smack my inner thigh really hard or smack or shove my hands away. This isn't the first time he's kept going when I say no. Another thing, I feel like he's trying to get me pregnant. I tell him to put a condom on or cum on me or something... But he never listens.. And right now I'm just in so much pain. My vagina hurts inside and out. I don't know what to do. :( I'm sorry for the detailed stuff, but we are all women on here right? 😒😒