I got the two lines😂😂😱😱

I took a pregnancy test this morning when I got up. Hubbie and I have been trying for a month now. Actually Feb ovulation was our first targeted one. Needless to say I'm so shocked right now but as the morning went on at work I'm getting excited. 
I knew I was pregnant infant fertilised as it was happening. 2 night I work up early morning with crazy pain in my pelvic area. Then followed the gas. I was so gassy. Then days later my breast felt fuller. I asked Hubbie for reference on breast size and he agreed. Been using glow and ovias app so they told me to test in 3 days but this morning I decided to do it as it was disturbing my training routine. Kept thinking i didn't want to hurt the baby so wouldn't go as hard so figured let me find out so I can go back to normal. 
I'm praying for everyone who's still trying.