TTC! Fingers crossed!

H 💖👑
Hi ladies. My partner has just given a semen sample for fertility test as we have been TTC for 18 months now. We have to wait for a week to get the results back and so far it's been 1 day and I'm dying to find out already 😒. The 2-5 day period of abstinence was so bloody hard all we wanted to do was jump each other's bones but we managed to wait 3 days!  So yesterday after handing over the sample we got back home and humped like rabbits as I was ovulating so we did it twice yesterday and once so far today. 
Keep your fingers crossed for the results for me and hopefully I will get pregnant soon as we are desperate for a baby. We have been together for 7 years on Friday and are still as in love as ever. Pray for us ❤️