5week HCG level 339, is that low?

This is my third pregnancy and I've bled / spotted with each pregnancy. This time though, I'm having pains specifically on one side and the bleeding has remained persistent, mostly dark/old blood but occasionally red. It's been 6 days and yesterday I decided to call the doc. He did an exam and we both agreed an ultrasound would be silly since I'm so early but he did order an hcg lab draw. I did the first yesterday and will do another tomorrow morning. My number was only 339 though and I expected it to be much higher. I'm 5wk 2d. When I googled others levels, people have numbers high in the thousands.. I won't get myself worried, but I can't deny that my mind is racing a bit right now. 
Has anyone else had a 5wk hcg draw? What were your numbers?