Rough patch in relationship, need advice?

The past couple of weeks I've just been feeling down about my relationship and it's really bumming me out.
We live together and work opposing shifts some days (he works in the mornings comes home - I head off to work - by the time I'm home from work he wants to go to bed to get enough sleep for tomorrow) so some days we only spend an hour or so together. 
And he's a bit of a gamer so when we do have a few hours between shifts he's enjoying his free time by playing video games - rather than us spending any real quality time together. 
Our sex life also isn't great. By the time I get home from work he's exhausted and wants to go to bed already so he gets enough sleep for tomorrow. Meaning he passes out and we don't have sex most nights ('maybe only once or twice a week). 
Because of how things have been I'm also getting irritated easily. I come home from my evening shift and see he's cooked himself dinner and hasn't bothered to cook me anything - so when I get home the first thing I'm doing is having to cook which puts me in a bad mood for the night - which isn't good considering what little time we have).
He's also not an affection person (just how he is naturally) so I don't even receive compliments/kind gestures to compensate for our lack of time together. 
On top of it all he can be a little moody from time to time (like if he's had a bad shift) so in the short time I see him before I head to work - sometimes it's just him being grumpy.
I honestly don't know what to do. I love him deeply, he's a good person, and I've never felt a connection like I have with him. But this rough patch is getting me down even if it only has been for a couple of weeks 😔 Any advice on how to work through it? Xx