how long to wait in between testing? Please help. I am stressing.

With my first pregnancy my boobs hurting was the first sign. But I am still breastfeeding my 15 month old. So would that mean that boobs hurting might not be a sign? I mean they are still big from the milk so why would they need to get bigger and hurt is my thought. My nipples hurt like he might be biting them but he isn't. But that only happened for a week or so. I have had a hot face and hot flashes for a few weeks now. And the last two days a very small amount of burning throught. I took a test yesterday and it was negative. I am 6 days late today. Last week I had stabbing pains on and off in my woman hood for a day. And yesterday pressure pain for a hour on my left side right below my hip. My husband says am not pregnant but I just don't feel right. I also had bad headaches and dizziness last week but I'm also anemic so I am so lost. I don't know how long to wait before taking another test because the disappointment is hard when I am so excited. Also if it comes out negative again should I see a doctor to see if there might be another issue?