Is it safe to fly at 5 weeks? I have a fam. emergency

Hello Ladies,
I am 5 weeks and 2 days along in NYC. I just learned that my Dad is in ICU in California. Do any of you know how risky it is to fly at this stage in a pregnancy? My first appointment with my new doctor isn't until Feb. 25th. I called her office and they said that they cannot see me sooner, (today nor tomorrow) and that they cannot advise me on whether or not it is safe for me to fly since they do not know my history. Last year the dr. I saw for my yearly exam ( she is no longer my doctor) said my blood work and exams showed I was healthy and ok to get pregnant. I have not had any complications thus far, just normal symptoms: lack of appetite, tiredness and sore boobs. Any advice will help. Thank you.