Need Opinions

Hanna • I`m 23 and married to my best friend. Triplets due October 2017💙❤💙
I stopped my birth control Dec. 18th after being on different methods of birth control for 8yrs. My periods have always been irregular. I had a period 3 days after I stopped my bc and then had a normal 29 day cycle and I ovulated late on cycle day 20 but we didn't get pregnant. Now here I am cycle day 26 and haven't ovulated so far. I've been using opk's since cycle day 10 with no luck. My question is how long should I go through this until I go back to my doctor? I know the general time frame is to see a fertility specialist after trying for a year  with no luck but if I'm not having a period or ovulating shouldn't I go sooner than that? Thanks in advance for reading. I appreciate any opinions. :)