Full of drama!!

Tonnisha • Mommy to a princess 👑🎀
This whole week has been nothing but DRAMA!! 1. My mom and aunt have been ganging up on me because they're upset they won't know the gender until the baby shower.  Now my mom said she feels "left out" and my aunt is instigating it all. Keep in mind my aunt doesn't have any daughters, just one son. Her and my mom often fight about me because my mom feels my aunt tries to take over. 2. My SO has just been super inconsiderate lately. He says he's going to do things, then doesn't do them and then gets mad when I go off. He's always saying "calm down you're pregnant" uh....DUH! I feel like he's using that as his out to be able to do things but then I won't be able to react to them. For example: he said he was going to cook fish salad tonight for dinner. He told me this when I left work at 7:30AM. I get home at 5:30PM and there's no food ready. I make a grilled cheese to hold me over because I'm starving. I look up and realize it's 7:00PM. I ask "when are you going to cook?" He says: "oh I will now let me go get the stuff I need." Huh??? You got off work early and have been here playing video games. Seriously? Anyone I cook dinner I have everything ready to go. Here's the kicker! He always argues with me trying to prove his point, even when he knows he wrong. Then he'll wait an hour and say "I'm sorry for (fill in the blank) I just hate being wrong and didn't want to admit! Ladies!!!! Please tell me I'm not crazy? Is my family losing their mind? Or am I just the drama queen? Help!!!