I don't know much about babies or pregnancy.

So this is my first pregnancy. I am 24. I moved to Green Bay several months ago and long story short; I waitress. I have been with the babies father for five months. It's quick. Yes. We have an amazing connection. And I do feel that we love eachother and are in love with eachother. 
When I found out I was pregnant at 7 weeks I had my mind set as soon as I saw the pregnancy test, to have an abortion. After pretty much TELLING my boyfriend that I was a) pregnant and b)that we needed to make an apt so I could continue out my plan. I hadn't even thought of other options. I figured that it was a fresh relationship and most guys my age range (I assumed) would be 100% okay with that decision. But to my surprise, a good hour after telling him he says, "what if I said no? What if I wanted us to keep it?".
I said, "that's something we need to think about then, I just assumed that that not having it is what you'd have wanted to do"
He said "no I'm actually excited"
So I thought about it. I talked about it. I thought of every bad thing that could happen, like changing his mind or us breaking up etc. and I let him know there could be negative possibilities. But I myself at this point couldn't think about getting rid of something we created, a baby, a forming person, someone I have to teach how to be a good person, and love, and keep safe- the list goes on. 
Anyways, I'm very open minded. And there's a few other things I'd like to talk about but if you have any advice on the situation at hand or what I'm gonna be going through and what I can do and how I can get help if I only make min wage and need to get into housing and get some baby things I may not be able to get. Or what to do after the baby is born. What's good to have. What do I do when they have a diaper rash or are crying etc. 
Thank you so much!