Need advice on how to get my husband to have sex with me. ** explicit**

The photo is from when we were teenagers. Sex was never a problem. Everyday...sometimes four to five times a day. Now, after eight years together and two years married we may do it once every two weeks. Kids....yes we have one and another on the way but this started long before. There's no cheating. He always either at work , gym or home. We've had issues with porn which is where it sorta started. A lot of watching that and less sex. I've never withheld sex. We've talked and he says he's just tired from work. All day I drop hints, I touch him, talk dirty to him but when we go to bed he just goes to sleep. When he is home and we have time to ourselves, he talks about going to the gym. When we do have sex...he just like to jump right in foreplay so I don't even be wet and then I get nothing out of it. He is my one and only sex partner so I guess this is new to me. What am I doing wrong? Is there more I could be doing? Any advice will help. I just want the guy in that letter back.