Today I finally figured out that I am in fact pregnant

Today I finally figured out that I am in fact pregnant! It all started when I missed my period on Feb 15th 2016. I have never been late since I started trying to conceive. I went to the dollar store & bought a dollar pregnancy test. I took the test when I got home & in the 3 minute time frame, it was negative! I sat the test down, washed my hands & face... then before I walked out of the bathroom, I glanced at the test again & a very faint second line had developed! But after reading over the instructions on the test, it stated that any changes on the test after the 3 min time frame would make the test invalid & the test was negative to begin with. After this, I went back & bought another dollar store test.... and the exact same thing happened! The second line appeared after 10 mins which made the test "invalid". At this point it is day three & no sign of AF... So I decided to bite the bullet & buy a digital test that simply states "pregnant" or "not pregnant"... no lines, faint lines,evap lines,or invalid time frames to worry about! Well, it turns out that I AM FINALLY PREGNANT & me & my hubby are too excited! Yay! We tried for four months & it definitely happened sooner than we thought. I can't wait to meet our precious little bundle of joy in October!😆😉 Baby dust to all ♡