Aw, come on Glow!

Katie • Sporting Kansas City, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Blues-- The City of Champions!
I'm now 3 days past my due date and there's no more advice or new articles from glow. I think they forgot about us late bloomers. At my last apt i was dilated 1 cm and 30% effaced. I go in for another check today. Luckily the kid is small. I'm not so much uncomfortable, but in pain because he stretches my skin and hits my ribs. We're discussing inducement if I hit 42 weeks- which would put him as a leap year kid. Don't hit me or anything, but I'm willing to hold out because that would be cool. As long as he's safe, growing regular and healthy I'll just keep on Keepin on. Also, the longer I hold out the less midnight shifts I will work when I return. (We can also get our bathroom painted too.). 
So far I've been in a really good mood. I hope this continues. Late blooming mommas, WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!