Husband is being a jerk

I have been having bad sciatic pain for a few weeks and i finally sucked it up and called a chiropractor today. 
I texted my husband and asked him if he would go along with me, not only bc im kind of getting tired of sitting in waiting rooms alone, but also because sometimes when the pain gets really bad its hard to drive, so i thiught he would go with me, ya know for my safety and what not. 
I texted him earliar and asked if he woud go and he said sure. And the  when he got home i told him what time the appointment was and he was like do i really have to go? Im gna be sitting in the hospital for hours when you have the baby...
Excuse me! Im gna be sitting in the hospital longer than him! Plus than i have to stay an extra night or 2 when he gets to come home to our comfy bed! Oh yea and im going to be pushing a child out of my vagina! He just has to sit there! 
It really makes me mad bc anytime hes ever gone to the dr for anythjng i went along just to sit in the waiting room and i didnt complain or anything. And he hasnt come to my last few appointments bc i didnt "make him" since i know that he will be pretty bored in the hospital when i do deliver. Men are so unsympathetic.