Nipple confusion

Kenzie • 30, Married, 💑👧🏼👶🏼
Yesterday we had an appointment with a lactation consultant. It went okay. My daughter nurses with a nipple shield, doesn't open her mouth wide, and doesn't want to latch without the shield. We started using a bigger shield to get her to open wider and will continue to try and latch her without. Anyway. My mom came to stay last night and since I slept less than 4 hours the night before I let her and my husband feed my daughter a bottle in the night a couple times so I could sleep. Well today she has not wanted to latch at all to the nipple shield. She screams before feedings. I had to syringe some expressed milk in her mouth to get her to start sucking then she was okay. Looks like I need to stop using bottles. We usually only do one bottle a day so my husband can feed her and give me a break. My daughter nurses from 30 mins- 4 hours sometimes. The long cluster feedings drive me crazy. The one bottle feeding at night saves my sanity but I also don't want to cause problems nursing either. My husband is such a big help and enjoys his bottle feeding with her. Ugh. Don't know what to do. I know I should get rid of the bottle but it's going to be even more hard getting less sleep and having to do it all on my own especially with the long cluster feedings. Any advice or encouragement welcome.