Husbands company.


I'm so annoyed by my husbands company he works for. He's been sent out of town 5 hrs away supposedly only a week which now has turned into 3 already. I'm 36weeks. I'm afraid he'll miss the birth of our lil girl being the job site he's on has no cell reception. He's told all the people in charge his wife was almost 9 months pregnant when he first left and they could care less. They pulled the same crap during our first child. They had sent him to Jersey and I was scheduled a c section for that Thursday. Had a doctor's appointment that Monday and he had to turn around the same day due to me having the baby that night. Thankfully the Drs held off until he got to the hospital. I'm just scared he won't make it this time if I were to go sooner than my planned c section with me unable to reach him and he's working 12 hr shifts.

Then the supervisor on site had the balls to ask Chris why he was taking a full week off when the baby is born. He said well ill see you back in a couple days after your daughter born. My husband was like uh no my wife will need help after surgery and we have a son that needs to be put on the bus in the morning and taken care of my wife can't do all that 2 days after surgery.

People are so rude and inconsiderate. I'll be so glad when this job will be done.