what do yall think about these conctractions?

Jennifer • due date was feb. 22nd 2016. arrived on her own feb.19th 2016
I'm pretty sure I been having conctractions since like 11 am today, I lost my mucus plug yesterday not bloody tho a little tannish in color like old blood tinged and it was definitely my plug because it was a huge clump of jelly! lol. and since this morning I been having real bad pains in my stomach that wasn't close enough to matter but I started timing them with an app when I felt them closer and I pressed start as soon as the pain starts and then I stop it when the pain stops so im not sure if I'm timing them correctly lol but my stomach does get hard and then softens up after with these pains, I emptied my bowels like 10x today and don't think anymore can come out although sometimes I feel like more could with these but nothing does anymore, I feel nauseous, and a little shakey in the last hour or so. I can't move or walk thru any of the ones in the last hour, I haven't ate since last night so that's probably why I'm shakey but I can't eat haven't had an appetite all day. and I'm 39.4 weeks do yall think it's worth a trip to the hospital at this point?it's an hour away, I'm trying to wait for my husband to get off work but these hurt so bad I really wish I could take some pain pills.