The worst day of my life.

Today I become a single mom again. My husband is leaving me. I'm 5mnth pregnant and apparently I don't give him enough time. I'm not working right now, I'm helping my parents at their job and it's time consuming. He want me home with him but I need to help my parents.

Now it my fault that he is leaving. I really don't know what to do.

With our first daughter I was alone we got married when she was 2 1/2 yrs old.

Now we found out we are pregnant again with another girl and it's my fault its not a boy and I don't helping, I don't work, I don't pay bill, I only spend money that all I'm good for. It so sad my heart is aching right now. He just said "I'm not sad I gave you every opportunity to fix this" I have no idea what that means but okay. I just need to be strong for my girl specially the one that I'm carrying inside me.

I'm just really disappointed but I expect this to happen somehow I knew it.

Okay we spoke a little more and we decided to go to therapy and try to work thing out. Thanks so much for all your help but I'm going to give this a last chance.